Christopher Tin

Thank you so much for putting together such amazing music. Will you be putting out a new cd? If so, when can we expect it?

Christopher Tin responded on 11/05/2011

Good question. The next classical/world crossover album is probably several years away... they take a long time to do, and a lot of resources. I am starting to sketch some ideas, however, and you may get a sneak peak of some songs next summer, as I've been commissioned by the St. Matthews Music Society to compose several new African/Classical songs.

The next album I'm releasing, however, is very different. It's a collaborative electronica album with a producer friend. We call ourselves Stereo Alchemy, and we'll be releasing an album of songs based on Romantic and Renaissance-era poetry (by authors like Christina Rossetti, John Donne, etc.) The songs are about love and death... very Romantic-era topics! I'm very excited about it, and it's been a great way to stretch myself in a more popular musical genre.

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