Christopher Tin

Dear Mr Tin, can you please tell me how the inspiration for your music comes to you?
I was just thinking of Sir Terry Pratchett and how he described in one of his books how bits and pieces of inspiration just wander about the universe to finally go 'plop' into his brain and there it is! (using my own words now, I don't exactly remember his own words). His description always manages to put a smile on my face and makes me want to go and play outside!
So now I wonder if you yourself might have a similar playful way of discovering the inspiration for the wonderful music you create.
Greetings from Anne Martine, Belgium

Christopher Tin responded on 09/27/2018

That's a great quote! For me, a lot of it is just throwing a bunch of ideas down on a page, then sorting through them and picking something that has promise. After that, I sort of let my musical ideas bounce around my head for awhile. If there's something that sounds good after days of vetting, then I decide to keep it!

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