Christopher Tin

Beliefs affecting others is a part of human civillization and neither good or bad inherently. Whether others choose to view positively or negatively one's work by their beliefs is their choice. With all that in mind, is that fair to decline comment on beliefs when your work has beliefs with in it, or is that the point that the work ought to speak for itself?

Christopher Tin responded on 02/04/2018

I do believe that works should speak for themselves yes, and if a listener chooses to inject their own beliefs into a work, then that's a wonderful thing too. Music can and should be a bit of a rorschach test. But I also think that music should be free to just be enjoyed completely agnostically, without the burden of meaning or intent of composer. If all that people enjoy out of my music is some good tunes and thrilling performances, then I want them to do that as well.

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