Christopher Tin

When would be the next time you could link up with the Angel City Chorale for a concert of some sort in California? Your work with Calling All Dawns and The Drop That Contained The Sea is absolutely stunning, and I would love the chance to see a concert of any of your music live. I'd also like to say thanks for taking the time to look this question over ahead of time!

Christopher Tin responded on 09/08/2017

I love the ACC and want to work with them as much as possible! I do sort of feel like I need to give them a bit of a break, because they can't just be singing MY music all the time... that would be a bit selfish on my part. :) But I do hope that we find a way to do something this coming season. If you're in the LA area and sing, you should join them! They may be auditioning now, in fact.

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