Christopher Tin

Hey Christopher!

Tony again. Being a linguistics student, I can also appreciate the work you put into your compositions. I would love to get a closer look at how you navigate your collaborations with native speakers and musicians in composing your music (e.g. exotic sounds like clicks, stress patterns, attitudes about how their language should and should not be sung, etc.).

I have many questions, and I do not expect your answers here to do them justice. How to you find and choose the language partners you work with? What kinds of questions do you ask them? How do you find and choose the lyrics that you cast to music? Do you work with different people/groups when working with a particular language, or just one collaborator?

Is there a resource that I as a fan can access that might answer some of these questions? I would love to hear stories about your cross-language collaborations, and get some insight into your methodology for developing new pieces.


Christopher Tin responded on 12/19/2016

There's actually a YouTube video on my channel where I talk about a lot of these things... it's called 'Working With Languages'. But basically I ask around, find people who speak the language natively (or study it academically, in the case of ancient languages) and get a lot of help.

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