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Where do you draw your inspiration? Nature? Existing music? ???

Christopher Tin responded on 08/06/2016

Actually, mostly other music. But I also get inspired by visuals quite a bit.

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Hi Christopher, I am a high school choir conductor in Seneca Falls, NY, and we just performed "Calling All Dawns" last week for our final concert. I think it's safe to say that it was the favorite piece (ever) for most of the choir. Thank you for writing such beautiful, empowering music that balances the thought-provoking lyrics/poetry.

I love "Waloyo Yamoni" -- but it is not available by itself in sheet music, and the whole work is $30 each. I have about 70 students in that is a lot of money to spend on one song since we are a humble public school, and we just purchased "Calling All Dawns" and the instrumental rental this year. Do you know if there are any plans to have "Waloyo Yamoni" available separately?

Thank you again for composing music that has reached so many of us on a spiritual level. I know that the experience of preparing "Calling All Dawns" will be something that many of my students and I will remember forever. -- Anna Luisi

Christopher Tin responded on 08/06/2016
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Dear Christopher,
I belong to a choir , we are rehearsing your Waloyo! Last year we sang Baba Yetu.
This message is due to express my admiration for your work and to ask you a small request.
I am the oldest in the choir (63) and I dare ask you to write a few words through my mail to the Choir director Hugo Violante, who introduced us to your work and who has offered his expertise out of generosity , to any welfare cause for more than 30 years.
To receive a short notice of recognition from you, would be an award to the choir , GRUPO VOCAL LA PAZ as a such and to HUGO VIOLANTE himself. Looking forward to receiving my humble request.
With admiration as a 21st Century Role Model!!!
Mirta Polla

Christopher Tin responded on 08/06/2016
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