Christopher Tin

Greetings Christopher Tin from Tennessee.I am so grateful I found your website on YouTube as you have so many options for classical music on a variety of instruments.Our grand daughter Nicole Groot painted her first acrylic on canvas of african women and our son suggested we listen to the song on your YouTube as she captured the sentiment along with this beautiful picture she painted.She has illustrated several children`s book`s for FLOWER POT PRESS in Nashville. I look forward to listening to many more of your songs,Thank you,Roger Groot.P:S.Our whole family of 10 are musically inclined and my dad was a gifted organist.His oldest son Richard was a choir director and he arranged as new version of the LORD`S PRAYER and has been sung at churches in Michigan,Iowa,California,and Florida.The copyright laws have expired as he & his wife are passed on.If you would like a copy will send upon request.

Christopher Tin responded on 03/27/2016

Thanks for writing, Roger... so glad you like my music!

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