Christopher Tin

First a thank you, and then a question.
I want to thank you for your emotional compositions. As a music student I particularly enjoy the intellectual and cultural conversation that is opened with each listen of any of your compositions. As an engineer and a mathematician, the enjoyment of your compositions invokes interesting discussions on pattern recognition, among many other things.
My question then is, have you considered doing more religious themed music? And do you plan to continue in the vein of spiritual themed music? Your second album certainly was spiritual, and your third somewhat followed in that vein - I have not really taken time to listen to the first. Being a christian and an avid performer and listener of Christian Choral Music, I am excited when something from a new composer can evoke good spiritual thought and conversation. I want to continue enjoying your music, and will do so if it continues in this same thematic arena.

Than k you, and God Bless you in all you do.

Christopher Tin responded on 03/27/2016

Hi there,

Thanks for writing, and sorry for the delay responding! Spirituality is a topic that will likely continue to be addressed in my forthcoming works, although I like to strike a healthy balance between different schools of religious, spiritual, secular, and humanist thought.



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