Christopher Tin

Hello Mr. Tin,

I love you and all your pieces! They're all so inspirational and beautiful. It's really awe-inspiring to hear such magnificent pieces in different languages of the world.

I don't believe you have composed a piece in Korean yet. I don't want to overwhelm or make you feel uncomfortable, but could you please consider composing a piece written in Korean too? It would make me the happiest person in the world(and Korea too!) to listen to a beautiful piece composed by you in my native language!

Always thankful for your music,
Andy Hong

Christopher Tin responded on 11/23/2015

Hi Andy, thanks for writing! I've considered it, actually, and I'm just starting to put together ideas for a new album, so perhaps I'll find a way to make it happen! And I've also considered looking into a way to doing a concert in S. Korea as well... I think that'd be a blast.



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