Christopher Tin

Oops! Submit something without asking anything yet in my previous mail. I have always wanted to be an orchestra conduct when I was little. My brother and I were exposed to all kinds of classic music since we were babies. He turned out to be a trumpet player and countertenor and I in the field of foreign service for 10 years and now in private sector. Recently, I am considering to go back to school for music study. But if you ask me if I'd like to be a pro. I really don't know if I can starting this late. Does it mean anything if I only study music for fun? I myself still sing the choir, play in the orchestra or even pipe organ in the service. Here are some questions after purchasing "calling all dawns"
What is your background of classic music?
I read from your interview that your parents felt frustrated that you didn't practice or so... What is giving you the most impact to your composing? I noticed you used a lot of voice. Also do you know all the languages in the works?

Christopher Tin responded on 01/28/2015

I grew up with a classical education, but was strongly interested in a lot of other things: jazz, rock, electronic music, etc. Through college and conservatory I studied classical music (composing and conducting), but also a lot of world music as well.

And regarding practicing, yes, I probably didn't practice piano as much as I should have. But that's because I was often learning other things at the same time, like how to play guitar, or music theory. So music was always a passion growing up anyway.

The music business is tough, though--I often think that those who choose to keep it as a hobby wind up being happier than those who pursue it full time!

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