Christopher Tin

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know there's a huge (and popular) mod for civ IV called realism invictus that uses Mado Kada Mieru as the menu music. That eventually led to me coming here with the intent of purchasing your discography. You make awesome music, and each bit is unique and reflects how much time and effort you put into your albums. Definitely playing with the big boys as you said to one of the other fans.

Now a question: what do you do when things just aren't coming together the way you hoped they would in your piece? (if that's ever happened) Or is the case more like you enjoy your craft such that even at the worst times, you're still feeling fulfilled?

Thank you for taking the time to do this page.
Rock on, Mr. Tin.

Christopher Tin responded on 09/27/2014

Thanks Dennis. I appreciate that you took the time to write.

Things don't come together all the time, but sometimes even though you think they're not working, others might have a clearer perspective. Case in point: on my newest album, I thought that 'Sirens' was a lousy piece, and that most people would skip it. Instead, many people have told me it's their favorite.

(On the flip side, sometimes I think something is going to be universally popular, just to be ignored altogether.)

Sometimes when I'm truly stuck, I'll just completely blow up a piece and start from scratch. Another case study: "Monster of the Sky" from the Stereo Alchemy album just wasn't working originally. We knew we had a great chorus, but we had trouble making anything else work with the song. And for awhile it was just the worst thing on the album. But then one day I sat down and scrapped everything else, and rebuilt it from scratch, and suddenly it became the best song on God of Love.

So you never know!

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