Christopher Tin

Hi Christopher,
I currently live and work in Kenya and I guess you can imagine what impact 'Baba Yetu' has on me, I do low budget videos for local companies and someone has asked me to include 'Baba Yetu' on one of their clips but I don't use copyrighted music; but just for the sake of asking, is it at all possible to obtain a license of the song for online use (even non public or eventually if performed by a local choir?) in any case thanks for ll your awesome work!
greetings from Kenya,


Christopher Tin responded on 08/28/2014

Hi Raul,

Unfortunately yes, you do have to get a license for using the song for situations like the one you're describing. If you'd like to find out information or get a quote, you can reach out to Warner/Chappell publishing. Their contact info is available on my website.

Thanks for writing!


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