Christopher Tin

Allow me to say that I adore you're work, and can't wait to be hear so many more masterpieces from you! My question though, is will your music ever be available on Spotify? I understand that with licensing and distribution it can be near impossible to reach every venue. But I think adding your work to Spotify would be a wise decision. It would make this fan a very happy camper :). Again, thank you so much for your music. It makes the world a better place.

Christopher Tin responded on 08/21/2014

So glad you like my music! I may consider adding a single or two to Spotify, but the royalty payments from Spotify are so awful that if it ever completely takes the place of purchased music, it will mean that a lot of artists who spend a lot of money on making premium albums--myself included--will quickly be out of work. So while Spotify may be great for consumers, it's terrible for artists.

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