Christopher Tin

Dear Christopher Tin,

First off I want to say that your music is the best I've ever heard, especcialy some parts of your second album like Temen Oblak, are really moving and sometimes songs like Waloyo Yamoni can change my mood! Thanks for that and please go on making this!

I want to inform you that I have made my own album influenced by you, it's called Nature and I would really appreciate it if you'd listen to it, if you could give me any tips it would be very helpful and very kind of you! Because this is my first album and I am just 14 years old I hope you won't think before listening that it can't be good, but I haven't (obviously) bought any licenses so you may use my music, it would be great if even a little part could come in your album!

Here's the link:

Thanks in advance,
Pascal van den Dool

Christopher Tin responded on 07/08/2014

It's wonderful, Pascal! I listened all the way through. You're off to a great start as a young composer, and there are a lot of great thematic and dramatic moments all the way through. Congratulations! Now write the next one, and find ways to grow as an artist. Good luck, and well done! :)

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