Christopher Tin

No "real" question but out of curiosity, do you think FLAC 24/96 provides tangible benefits over FLAC (you wouldn't lose my sale, as I bought it already :))? And thank you for the wonderful album. I found it slightly harder to get into it than Calling All Dawn at first... and then I ended up listening to it 7 times during the day. At the 2nd listen, it had become my favourite album of your discography :) You *can* be pretty pleased with Waloyo Yamoni, it is an absolutely amazing track. Hope you get the success you so immensely deserve. Now I can't wait to get my headphone amplifier out of the repair shop and just gorge on it!

Christopher Tin responded on 05/12/2014

Thanks! And if you have a good listening system I think the 24/96 does provide some difference, yes. Once I release a surround version as well, that'll be some spectacular listening. :)

And thanks for the comment! It's definitely a more 'modern' album… whereas Calling All Dawns was safe and inviting, this one's got a little more edge to it. :) But I do feel really good artistically about it, and I'm thinking Waloyo Yamoni is my new Baba Yetu. :)

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