Christopher Tin

Hello~ I listened Iza Ngomso. It was fantastic. It was the best music in my whole life!! - although I'm a student, yet - It was first time that I was impressed by music. I bought your album! I can't wait to get it! Anyway, I would like to tell you, ask you two things.
First, I think Iza Ngomso is amazing!! I love it!! I think you are genius!
Second, can you recommend the other music from this album(The Drop That Contain The Sea)? I'll listen that music a lot!
p.s: I'm not sure that you can understand this.. Because I'm not good at English.. Sorry..

Christopher Tin responded on 05/10/2014

Thanks for writing! And yes, if you like Iza Ngomso, I'd listen to the finale 'Waloyo Yamoni - We Overcome the Wind'. I'm very pleased with that one.

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