Christopher Tin

What are some practical ways to improve composition skills? I'm a budding composer in post-secondary and (beyond trying to find time) I am trying to find ways to improve my themes, expand my mental toolset, and find inspiration. What helps you? What helps other composers you've spoken with? Thanks for your great work, it's my favourite contemporary orchestral music to listen to!

Christopher Tin responded on 04/30/2014

Listen to a lot of music, especially the classics, by the greats. So much of music is about gestures and devices, and developing a vocabulary of gestures and devices is just by being aware of what works well when you're dealing with the orchestra. I'm constantly expanding my own bag of tricks; if you listen to the new album, you'll hear a lot more intricate detail in the writing. That comes from listening to orchestral music, and studying the scores. Good luck!

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