Christopher Tin

Hi Christopher,

I played calling all dawns with the West Ausralian Charity orchestra Feb this year and it was a great experience. I really loved the way you orchestrated for brass (I am a Trombonist) although I will admit being slightly jelous of those amazing french horn parts at times. Anyway, I am really looking forward to your next piece and hope to have an opportunity to play it at some time in the future!

In the mean time I have been looking around for some other contemporary film/video game scores that I could play with another orchestra I am in. They seem really hard to come by! Do you have any advice regarding obtaining scores that for orchestra from these genres?

Christopher Tin responded on 04/12/2014

Thanks Robert! I like writing gnarly brass parts. I wrote some pretty epic stuff in the new album… you should check it out! I'd love a concert in Australia, actually, if you know of some way to get that going.

And as for other game scores, the best thing to do is simply to contact the composer. We all love having our music played.

Thanks so much for writing!

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