Christopher Tin

Dear Christopher
I don't know if this will ever reach you but I will make it count in case it does

I am a man of the world, and as such I embrace culture and humanity in a lot of different ways. One could say that I'm on a constant journey to learn about the world, but I guess that's something every human should strive for. When it comes to music, my taste travels with me around the globe, and I've always wondered, will there ever be a piece or collection of music that I will halt on, and say; "This is it. I have found my favorite music of all time"

The journey ended when I discovered Calling All Dawns. And I can not thank you enough for making it... the emotional bond I established with your music, is something I would never trade off. The recurring themes, the journeys, the different cultures, all comes together beautifully in this album.

Thank you. I wish this box would allow me to type more characters.
(And my question is; Will Sussan Deyhim come back? I loved her in Hamsafar)

Christopher Tin responded on 02/08/2014

I think we're kindred spirits in some ways! I love travel too, although these days I find it harder and harder to find the time. Thanks for the kind words.

And Sussan Deyhim is magnificent, isn't she? She may come back someday, but unfortunately not on The Drop That Contained the Sea.

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