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Given the nature of your compositions I am sure that somewhere in your process of creation is a fair bit of research. If you are able, would you please share some of the resources you used while composing Sukla-krsne. I am a music teacher in Iowa and I will be teaching a music theory/composition class and was hoping to include a world music portion. Where did you draw inspiration from with Sukla-krysne in particular? Where there any musical bits you took from some traditional source?

Thank you for your time. Always a fan,

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Christopher Tin responded on 02/08/2014

I do a ton of research, yes. I honestly can't remember the particulars of Sukla Krsne, but I think I was reading up on the Hindu mythology and the major epics, found a version online, and started scanning it for usable texts. The nice thing about a lot of Sanskrit poetry is that it sets to music very well--it's very metrical, which lends itself to setting.

Oh, just remembered… I think I may have gotten the idea for a Sanskrit text after seeing the John Adams opera Doctor Atomic, where Oppenheimer has a whole aria based on a line from the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am death, the destroyer of worlds…"

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