Christopher Tin

Hello Mr. Tin!
I have noticed many instances in the Calling All Dawns album where certain note sequences are used from other songs in the album, e.g. part of Lux Aeterna, followed by part of Mado Kara Mieru plays at 2:03 in Baba Yetu, and the main notes from the chorus of Hamsafar play between 1:17 and 1:36 in Kia Hora Te Marino. Are these instances meant to tie the songs together, or are they just note sequences which you like together, or is it something entirely different? I have been wondering this ever since I played Mado Kara Mieru for the first time and recognized the same pattern In Baba Yetu, so it will be great to finally have an answer.
Will Orton.

Christopher Tin responded on 10/28/2013

They are meant to tie together the pieces, yes. Good observation!

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