Christopher Tin

Dear Christopher Tin,
My school choir, The Wissahickon Camerata, was recently honored to have been chosen to perform with you next year at Carnegie Hall in New York! I decided if my choir was going to be working with you then I should get to know your music as well as I could. I decided to buy your album "Calling all Dawns". Now I'm usually not an individual that listens to a lot of choral music, but after buying your album about two months ago, I can honestly say I have listened to it over a hundred times… Last week i decided to explore some other music similar to your album, but i have been unable to find anything with similar qualities… I love how the album feels like a combination of classical and world music, but i simply can't find anything with a similar feel! I was wondering if you knew of any songs, albums, or artists that have this "Classical World" feel I'm going for. Even if its more of your music that wasn't on the album! Any suggestions would really be appreciated!

Christopher Tin responded on 08/27/2013

Hi Tyler... thanks for writing!

So glad you like Calling All Dawns. I think you'll like the next album, too, 'The Drop That Contained the Sea'.

There's not a lot out there that's a classical/world combo with a sort of cinematic quality. The closest I can recommend are a couple soundtracks:

The Mission - Ennio Morricone (one of my all time favorites!)
The Power of One - Hans Zimmer (also a big favorite)

Also, there are a lot of fans of my music who are also fans of Karl Jenkins' Adiemus-era stuff.

Try those!

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